Jim Fuglie is a native of Hettinger, ND, a U.S. Navy veteran (1968-1972) and majored in communications at Dickinson State College (now Dickinson State University) in Dickinson, ND. He has worked as a newspaper reporter and editor, as a speechwriter and communications director for North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner Myron Just and as Executive Director of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party.

In 1985, Jim was appointed North Dakota Tourism Director by Governor George Sinner and served in that post until 1992. He later worked as Development Director for the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation and as public relations director for Kranzler Kingsley Communications in Bismarck. He retired in 2009 and he and his wife Lillian, the retired Director of Library Services at Dickinson State University, now live in Bismarck and spend much of their time exploring the back roads and trails of the North Dakota Bad Lands.


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  1. sheldon green says:

    Enjoy your comments, alerts and rants Jim. Keep it up. You’re my personal reward for surfing the web. Don’t stop. Sheldon Green

  2. Rick Kram says:

    I noticed in your discussion on the Wilderness areas . you mentioned nothing changed there except fences, why are fences given a pass?

    • Avatar of Jim Fuglie Jim Fuglie says:

      Rick, I imagine the fences were there long ago, and certainly when the management plan was written. Kind of a “pre-existing condition” if you will. Because there are numerous ranchers grazing on each of the units proposed for wilderness, likely the fences are there to manage the grazing. My understanding is that once they become official wilderness areas, no new fences will be allowed. If wilderness advocates are successful, maybe someday, a hundred years from now, the fences will fall down and it will be open range again. We can only hope.

  3. Jim Stenslie says:

    A lady named Elizabeth Farnsworth and her partner Terry Evans have produced a blog about their several trips to the oil patch. Their blog can be read on the website of the Nevada Museum of Art. They will also have an exhibit coming up at the Field Museum in Chicago. They spent part of a day at our place north of New Town and interviewed a number of folks we invited to be part of their work. They are very sympathetic to those suffering from oil company greed and lack of ND Governmental oversight. She enjoys your writing. Jim Stenslie

  4. Avatar of RHSmith RHSmith says:

    Big fan of your blog. Thought this might interest you if you haven’t seen it yet.

  5. Ted says:

    Final push to get a bridge over the Little Missouri River;


  6. Gary A. Lund says:

    As a fellow hunter and outdoorsman I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your article in the December issue of Dakota Country. It is critical that we do protect our land in western N.D and the critters that live there. I want to give my grandchildren the opportunity to hunt the badlands and to walk the trails created by those critters that are now threatened by the oil industry.

    • Jim Fuglie says:

      Gary, thanks for your comment. It is important you follow the actions of the North Dakota Industrial Commission via the news media (such as it is) and my blog. If they fail to adopt a “special places” list at their December 19 meeting, they are going to need to hear from us and a lot of our friends.

  7. Russell Hersrud says:

    Jim- I enjoyed (maybe not the right word) reading some of your blog. I graduated from Hettinger High in 1960. I now reside in Coeur D Alene, ID and teach at Gonzaga U. Keep up the good work. The universe needs more people with vision. Russ

  8. Neill Goltz says:

    Hi Jim -
    Glad I found your site. I joined, and even (for the first time!) went so far as to embrace the technology and attempt to upload my picture. However, that aspect doesn’t seem to work.

  9. Avatar of Rylee Nelson Rylee Nelson says:

    Hey Jim,

    My name is Rylee and I am the administrator for the Areavoices community. I was hoping to get an updated email address for you. Could you email me with your address?

    My address is rnelson@forumcomm.com

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