Coins and broken piggy bank

Facing New Economic Reality In North Dakota: Fed Data Shows N.D. As One Of Worst-Performing States

(Editor’s Note: I generally don’t allow others to post on my blog. No “Guest Editorials.” Usually, when someone wants to do that, I tell them to get their own blog. But the timing of this article by Doug Burgum is really interesting. It appeared in my e-mail inbox about ten minutes after I posted my…
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Oh, Woe Is Me. I’m A Democrat.

What’s a Democrat to do? Just when the North Dakota Republican Party appears more vulnerable than it has been in almost 25 years, the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party has retrenched into a hole so deep that it’s unlikely Democrats here will be able to climb out of it in time to compete in an election…
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Wildlife underpass illustration

Protecting Humans, Critters And The Little Missouri River Valley

U.S. Highway 85 is North Dakota’s deadliest highway. If you’re not familiar with it, it is the road that runs north and south along the western edge of the state, from our border with Canada to our border with South Dakota, through the North Dakota Bad Lands, some of the state’s most scenic and fragile…
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The object of everyone's affection: Elkhorn gravel.

Giving Away A Gravel Mine

The strange saga of Roger Lothspeich and the Elkhorn Ranch gravel pit has taken a bizarre turn. Lothspeich, you will recall, is the fellow who bought the “surface minerals” (gravel, scoria, coal and uranium) on a piece of land owned by the U.S. Forest Service directly across the Little Missouri River from Theodore Roosevelt’s ranch…
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Hands shaking

A Short (Well, Sort Of) Introduction To The Koch Brothers Influence In North Dakota

Sunday, January 10 update: As I predicted, look for much about Kevin Cramer in Rob Port’s Sunday columns in the Forum Communications’ newspapers. As I point out below, Rob owes much to Cramer’s communications director Jason Stverak. So it’s no surprise that Cramer is the hero of Rob’s first Forum column today. Expect a regular diet.…
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